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Hassles The spacial surrealistic lure of minimalism and haunting vocals.
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Anna has teamed up with a creative crew for this debut album, using the resonance of Celtic/Scandinavian sound to tell a story of awakening and belonging.


released November 7, 2015

Vocals, Guitar / Anna

Viola, Vocals / Georgie Harris

Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Vocals / Olly Peel

Percussion / Tim Steemson

Piano / Deborah and Roo Panes

Flute / Sophie Emma Buxton

Production, Recording / Sean Hatton and Jonny Middleton

Creative Directors / Dom and Becky Callaghan

Videography / Green Antlers Photography

Photography / Sophie Emma Buxton

Calligraphy / Tassja Garner

Design / Miriam Westin

10% of donations go to Destiny Foundation. In collaboration with Bezalel and Goodfruit.



all rights reserved



Nordic singer/songwriter Anna Westin grew up along the rocky coastline of Canada and Sweden. Her early musical memories were an exploration of vocal and instrumental harmonisation in choirs and small ensembles. Though now based in London, Anna feels most at home in the resonance of Celtic/Scandinavian sound, and enjoys using music to explore new ways of connecting and storytelling. ... more

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Track Name: Children of the North Wind
we are children of the north wind
running barefoot over bracken
through the trees
our feeble song is carried
on this ice cusped breeze
and we sing

we ran two lovers
hands like vines intertwined
stumbling forth under rose laced skies
your gypsy dreams danced with mine

and i was hidden before you came along
like the eagle that soars across frosty skies
turned my silence into song
Track Name: Horizon
it was a wild night on the inky black sea
and the depths were foaming

i was afraid of the waves that came rolling

what kind of peace can be found
when the depths heave

we were clinging to this shipwreck board
in seas that were foaming

do you see the light on the horizon?
Track Name: Flight
you who made the grey back bird to soar
will you release me?
i fear i have knit knots that cannot be undone

ever his face is before me
though his feet be far off wandering
and my soul tied a knot in union
that fails to come undone

so reach down with gentle hands and release me

prepare these weakened wings for flying
Track Name: Midst Briers
i’ve been carried far from my mother’s side
and my spirit is broken with the times i’ve tried
yes, my spirit's been broken in this foreign land

and horses may flee with hooves of steel
but i flounder in the dark when I see what’s real
yes i flounder in the dark in this foreign land

but midst brier and bush i’ll make my home
you will water these rocklands until i’m grown
you’ll plant me a home in this foreign land

and you ripped me out from my beloved place
but you said: come, my love, i will show you grace
i will show you my grace in this foreign land

so build your houses and plant your trees
and find your beloved ’neath these autumn leaves
yes, you’ll find your beloved in this foreign land
Track Name: The Akedah
we’ve been travelling far you and i
across gold desert lands and under fire skies
and i’ve tasted and i’ve seen
though in between the days were lean
still water is churned from rocks
and the floods run dry

but one quarrel against you i will say
you weave stories of richness
to look forward to someday
but how weary is my heart
i’m tired of this fits and starts
the beginning of the dawning
but darkness devours day

you bring me to a place
then drop me like old clothes
you bring me to a place
then you drop me like old clothes
and i see repetition in how this story goes
it feels like you bring me to a place
then drop me like old clothes

well maybe that’s not entirely fair
folks say you’ve been good to me
so why would i swear
or smite the hand that feeds
maybe it’s just my jealousy and greed
but i think you can take these cries
they’re my desperate prayers

wait a little longer
i’ll wait a little longer...
Track Name: Waiting
the inner voice is still small
like the shadow call
keep on waiting

the moment is held
don’t fall
light dapple dances
over us all

keep on waiting
past the breaking
you are waking

the secret is kept
in velvet wonder

the daugher once bound
now flies
tears fetters asunder
Track Name: Shards of Clay
mercy will come to those who wait
through storms that rage
and as tempests fall
and love will find, it’s never late
when we think all’s lost
that’s when it comes

i saw you there
and you were standing
’midst these shards of clay
and i saw you coming
and you were riding on the rays of the day

i was lost and i was scared
but you said: darling, wait
i’ve heard your cares
you ran to me with open arms
and there i found
i had not suffered harm
Track Name: Sunrise
i was a lone weary soldier far from my home
and i tried to find a strength
for i had none of my own
these knees were battered and bruised
this hearts were calloused and used

but they say truth comes in the morning
with the sunrise

and i was stuck in the land
of the black calling crow
but i said it's you i'd like to follow
and i was lost but now i'm found
though i can scarcely see the ground

but they say truth comes in the morning
with the sunrise

and what have i to fear
as long as you are near
for truth comes in the morning
with the sunrise

and why am i afraid
for life has swallowed the grave
and truth comes in the morning
with the sunrise
Track Name: Ursprung
älskade land
ditt namn ringer ljust på mina läppar
älskade hem
där fann vi en kärlek som oss mättar

älskade ljus
göms under mörkrets bleka fingrar
älskade land
snart kommer vår då mörkret skingrar

och fast jag är långt bort från din famn
är du mitt älskade land

snön ligger vitt
och granarna sträcker sina armar
fåglarna sjunger
hör hur dess sång lyfts när de dansar

älskade land
hör hur det susar med vinters vindar
älskade hem
och lugnet som håller men ej tvingar