Wildflower—Debut EP


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released February 4, 2015

Anna Westin (Singer/Songwriter)
Olly Peel (Guitar)
Tim Steemson (Percussion)
Georgie Harris (Viola)
Tom Pollard (Keys)
Josh Bergh (Double Bass)

Produced, recorded and mixed by Jonny Middleton
Mastered by Sean Hatton

Photography by Sophie Emma Buxton
Calligraphy by Tassja Garner
Layout by Dom Callaghan

With thanks to the Panes for recording space.



all rights reserved



Nordic singer/songwriter Anna Westin grew up along the rocky coastline of Canada and Sweden. Her early musical memories were an exploration of vocal and instrumental harmonisation in choirs and small ensembles. Though now based in London, Anna feels most at home in the resonance of Celtic/Scandinavian sound, and enjoys using music to explore new ways of connecting and storytelling. ... more

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Track Name: Homecoming
there is a place
where my heart is glad
'midst the trees and the forests
of the place I had

and there is a place
where my soul still sings
through the toil and the tumult
for the joy it brings

that is home
where waves crash upon the shoreline and it snows

and there are streets
where my memories dance
to the music of our friendship
and a young romance

and in these times
when I'm close to tears
the sweet melodies of home
will embrace my fears

that is home
where waves crash upon the shoreline and it snows
that is home
Track Name: Blossom Tree
fairy tales whispered under summer skies
you lost your footing in her deep blue eyes
but her lips were closed and your soul was numbed by pride

so you walked away, a lonely man
swore you wouldn't let yourself love again
never let your heart mistake affection for a friend

but life is made for joy
and the heart is made for love
yes, life is made for joy
and this beating heart is rushing with love

the days go by, so the story goes
but you'll found more love then you thought you'd ever know
through the veil of tears, what's true takes time to grow

and the beloved sings under the blossom tree
hurry my love, will you marry me
the day is young and our spirits they are free
Track Name: Hyssop
will you walk with me
through sorrow's garden
far from the maddening crowd
where boughs hang low
with fruit untold
and where the face is bare 'neath the shroud

will you walk with me
through sorrow's garden
where the heart beats with blood and with fire
and where soul is exposed
and where hyssop grows
where the flame burns bright with desire

will you walk with me
through sorrow's garden?
come, take my trembling hand

where the pain is shown
seeds of healing are sown
for this time of darkness will end
Track Name: Planting Seeds
if truth be told
it is hard to love
harder to endure
the cost it will take

and if truth be told
patience is a virtue
and the skill required
makes the grown man break

but this fertile ground
was watered by the tears of our past
and planted by scarred hands
these seeds dug deep will last

and what can i give
other than who i am
but i fear i don't have enough
for what this costs

and my words they cut
deeper than i'd like them to
so show me how to find
what we have lost